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Company philosophy – trust from the onset

For all pig farmers

As a cooperative we stand up for the interests of our members and customers, be they conventional or organic operations.

As an independent insemination organisation, we supply our members and customers with the full range of boar genetics in as far as possible.

This applies to many different breeds of boar, from Pietrain through to Duroc and Landrace.


The quality of semen production is our top priority at GFS. Our work is based on the latest scientific developments with a particular focus on boar selection, breeding value, a strict health and hygiene concept and state-of-the-art computerised semen analysis.

Communication and local presence

GFS values constant information sharing and good communication channels. All boar data and information on the production processes are published on the website, the app and print media for transparency.


GFS also values personal contact with farms and partners in the industry through a large number of regional and supraregional events and trade fairs.

Tradition and modernity

GFS is a traditional cooperation with boar stations throughout Germany. At the same time, GFS is a young and modern company, with its Ascheberg-based subsidiary GFS-Top-Animal-Service GmbH.


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