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The lab technicians examine the sperm

in terms of motility and morphology.

Trained eyes recognise best sperm quality

and report any anomalies.


The results of the examinations are saved.

Sperm shelf-life

Questions on 4-day shelf-life of the GFS doses of semen and production from the previous day

Dr. Sabine Brüning

Doses of boar semen are, with few exceptions, marketed as fresh semen doses. The doses of semen have a limited shelf-life, with the countdown starting on the day of collection. Semen shelf-life is the time during which the semen can be used for insemination without limiting fertilisation performance.

Boar semen is relatively sensitive to environmental influence. However, there are significant differences from one boar to another.

For just over a year, the majority of the GFS semen doses have been labelled with a 4-day shelf life in the expiry date on the sperm tube.



The 4-day shelf-life of the semen can be proven for at least 85% of boars without the use of boar semen extender. This is confirmed by optimised laboratory sequences and modern, standardised testing methods. It supports the expansion of day-ahead production, as the semen can still be used on the farm for 3 days. Day-ahead production helps manage the concentration of demand at the start of the week and the weekend. It also allows sow breeders to receive semen from each genetic portfolio and each station without investing time in doing so. The individual semen shelf-life for each boar is closely monitored according to a predefined testing schedule.


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