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Semen on subscription

We offer a “semen subscription” for farms with a fixed farrowing or servicing rhythm. A standing order is set up based on the rhythm and the number of doses required, in which certain requirements for the boars can be stored in wish lists. Whether you work with a 14-day rhythm, a 21-day rhythm or irregular rhythm: We will be happy to set up standing orders with you so that you receive fixed deliveries.

The semen deliveries will then be made regularly on the agreed date with the agreed number of tubes.

You can report any updates to the order by phone, fax, e-mail or conveniently via the GFS order update app.

Wish lists

You can set up two wish lists in our customer master data. There are, for instance, wish lists in which there are only meaty or fast-growing boars. There are also wish lists from breeders, traders or consultants who have defined their own criteria for selecting boars. The wish lists are regularly updated with the latest estimated breeding values.

To set up a standing order, get in touch with your contact at the GFS stations.
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