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Animal health management

  • EU-recognised with checks every six months by a state-approved vet
  • Recognised as not suspected of having PRRS with SHS (Swine Health Service) certificate

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Animal access - quarantine
  • Only boars from controlled stocks with a minimum health status
  • Farm of origin free from pseudorabies, classical swine fever, brucellosis, atrophic rhinitis, PRRS (parent herd or rearing/satellite rearing)
  • Not vaccinated against PRRSV
  • Pre-examined for PRRS antibodies and virus (exceptions are possible, depending on the status and monitoring system of the farm of origin)


  • About 6-week quarantine with two tests for pseudorabies, classical swine fever, brucellosis and PRRS antibodies and virus
  • 10 quarantine sites with an “all-in-all-out” system
  • Isolation measures as in place at production barns
  • Flax straw bedding


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Prophylaxis measures vaccination/treatments


  • Basic immunisation in quarantine against


Swine erysipelas


M. hyo


  • Booster vaccination in the station


Swine erysipelas

  • Worm and, if necessary, mange prophylaxis in quarantine
  • Worm prophylaxis every six months in the production barn


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Health monitoring

Daily intensive animal monitoring and reports of conspicuous boars by the animal caretakers.

Regular clinical tests by a vet (at least every 14 days)

Temperature control of all boars when semen is collected

4-week blood sample monitoring (random testing, at least once a year for each boar)


Classical swine fever



2-week blood sample monitoring (random testing, at least once a year for each boar)

PRRS (antibody and virus)

  • Prompt blood tests in boars with a raised body temperature


Basic principles of the GFS biosecurity concept

  • Minimum requirements for farms of origin for young boars for restocking
  • Approximately 6-week quarantine phase with additional tests for classical swine fever virus on arrival
  • Strict isolation of the production barns and quarantine barns
  • Hygiene zones are defined with appropriate access rights
  • Black and white principle between the hygiene zones. No crossing paths.
  • Controlled access of persons, boars and consumables in the production barns and quarantine
  • Additional controlled black area as a buffer zone between the black and white area at the production barns
  • Effective fencing to divide the areas and prevent animals from entering
  • Positive pressure ventilation and air filtration combined with UV disinfection of the air in all production and quarantine sites in North-Rhine/Westphalia and in Schleswig-Holstein
  • Exact cleaning and disinfection specifications
  • All transport to and from the production barns with own vehicles and trailers

Contact Person

Dr. Sabine Brüning
Dr. Anja Riesenbeck
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