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Boar consultation and boar selection

Sillhouette Eber GFS Eberauswahl

Our boar experts advise on boar selection


Your roadmap for selecting the right boar
  • Make an informed choice
  • An ideal fit for the sow’s genetic makeup
  • Suitable for the feeding system in the fattening phase
  • Suitable for marketing (AutoFOM/FOM, boar fattening, butcher marketing)

The boar is half the herd

The genetic performance of piglets or fattening pigs is based equally on the congenital performance of the mother and father. Accordingly, success is determined by the targeted selection of the insemination boar and the sow origin in the customer’s own farm. Our boar experts can provide support in selecting the right boar.


Boar use analysis

We can run an analysis of boar use by a particular farm at the customer’s request.

This lists semen delivery based on time, wish lists, performance classes and number of test tubes.

The customer can also create their own boar use analyses using the customer login.

Are you interested? Then contact us on +49 2593-913-21.


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