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The litter assessment

is carried out by the testing farms.

GFS litter evaluation

The litter evaluation at GFS test sites are the basis for assessing the boar in relation to littler quality classes.

All litters from test boars are evaluated within the first two days of birth according to the following schedule:

Assessment scale

Assessment scale

Litter assessment in practice

GFS test facilities score the litters from 1 to 4, with 4 as the best score.


  • Balance
  • Weight
  • Vitality


The collected data are published on the boar data sheet:


Litter assessment on the boar data sheet

Boars with more than 10 litters are identified with stars (*) for their scores in the categories vitality, uniformity and weight.


  • Boars with an average of up to -2 standard deviations (*)
  • Boars with an average of up to + 2 standard deviations (**)
  • Boars with more than 2 standard deviations above average (***)


Boars with only one star in the overall result are culled.

Every boar is tested!

Litter quality in the model is calculated based on the effects of the farm and litter number and the total number of piglets born in the litter.

The results for each individual boar are published once 10 or more litters of a boar are evaluated.

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