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UV air filter

disinfect the stable air.

UV locks

for lunch boxes of the employees

Own feed blow-out hose in pipe.


All areas of GFS are set up to keep the animals healthy for hygienic production of the best quality semen. To this end, our station vets have developed a biosecurity concept in cooperation with the veterinary offices and the Chamber of Agriculture. Precautions have been taken in the areas of quarantine, boar purchasing, barn employees/staff, material locks, transport, disposal and supply, and a large number of regulations have been integrated into everyday routine.



Eberanlieferung in UV-Anhänger

Boar transport trailer with UV supply air sterilisation

for transport from quarantine to the station.

IMG 1472

UV lock before the break rooms

to disinfect packed lunch boxes.

UV-Zuluftdesinfektion von außen

The UV supply air disinfection with positive pressure ventilation at the

Ascheberg, Saerbeck, Rees, Griesheim and Schillsdorf sites.


Barn facilities are fenced so that

animals and persons cannot enter.

Saerbeck Futterschläuche

GFS has its own injection hoses for feed

delivery first farm on Monday mornings.

IMG 1126

Alarm systems for all sites:

Motion sensors with camera function.

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Dr. Sabine Brüning
Dr. Anja Riesenbeck
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