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10% of the semen doses were exported to more than 10 countries

10% of the semen doses were exported to more than 10 countries

The Registered GFS Cooperative for the Promotion of Pig Farming was founded in August 1970 in Germany. The founding members were the Chamber of Agriculture for Westphalia-Lippe, bovine insemination companies and associations of producers. The aim was to provide sow and gilt breeders with cost-effective semen from high quality boars for insemination as an alternative to natural mating. In 1973 the expansion of the central boar station in Ascheberg was started.


  • GFS is an insemination cooperative for pigs and boasts more than 9000 members/customers
  • GFS is currently represented at 6 sites (Boar stations)
  • There is a current stock of approximately 2,300 boars
  • Over 4 million semen tubes are sold every year
  • These are supplied to piglet producers and breeders throughout Germany
  • 10% of the semen doses were exported to more than 10 countries

GFS Wortwolke
GFS developed the Top Genetic Programme in 1989

The terminal sire is verified based on his successful offspring.

The offspring testing system used today is centred around boar classification into the performance classes bronze, silver, gold and platinum and strives to eliminate negative variants (bottom third). Further developments and testing programmes such as total breeding value, congenital anomaly rates, breeding value for litter quality, GFS fertility monitoring, boar taint breeding value and piglet loss breeding value are all considered in the quality classification of boars.

GFS is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015

In 1996, GFS became the first sow insemination station to be DIN EN ISO 9001 certified. The GFS quality management certification confirms the systematic workflow in production, sales and services, consistent quality testing and compliance with hygiene standards.


All test data are regularly updated and published.


Processing and management support

This includes support in selecting the boar, fertility advice and scanner service.


GFS is a committed and approachable partner its members and customers can rely on, responding to customer needs and taking an innovative and solution-oriented approach to the challenges posed by developments in agriculture and, in particular, piglet production.

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