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Internal station logistics in the early morning.

Delivery via the parcel service

UV-Protect tubes

protect the sperm cells in sunlight

Logistics & Delivery

We have very different logistical options abroad, depending on the destination country. Please ask in advance what is possible.
Packaging and delivery


GFS delivers the boar semen at the optimum temperature of 16 - 18 °C. Semen is delivered by station technicians or by external couriers. GFS has a long-standing relationship with several courier services lasting many years and trains all drivers on the applicable hygiene rules and tube handling.

In regions where there is no direct logistics network we deliver the boar semen in a Styrofoam box with special gel packs. The packages are shipped by Go! overnight or DHL to arrive following day by noon.

The semen is filled into UV Protect tubes and hygienically packed in plastic bags.

All GFS vehicles and some of the external courier vehicles have electric coolers for transport. Based on the integrated temperature display, the technician or courier can verify that the temperature is correct during the journey. GFS also uses special climate boxes from the renowned suppliers Delta-T and Coleman. These can be filled with climate batteries where necessary with their own temperature display.


Internal station logistics


GFS has a large genetic product portfolio. In order to be able to provide any genetic portfolio for any customer, different logistics run between the production sites every day of the week. On Sundays and Thursdays, semen is exchanged between all the different stations.

The main hub is the central warehouse in Ladbergen. In addition to the storage and commissioning of agricultural products from Top-Animal-Service GmbH, semen is also exchanged here under climate-controlled conditions. Production from the closets station, Saerbeck, is also stored here.


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