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Ascheberg site

Aerial photo

Oldefeld site

Clearly visible here: the UV air filter system

Herringer Heide site

PIC Exclusive stable

AI boar station Ascheberg

Zum Pöpping 29
59387 Ascheberg

Email for orders:
Tel. +49 (0) 25 93 - 9 13 21
Fax. +49 (0) 25 93 - 9 13 50

Otherwise, please feel free to leave us a message!

Order times

Click here for detailed ordering information.

Delivery days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday.





Station Manager: Michael Kleine

EU marketing authorisation number:
Lütkebauer Site D-KBS 031-EWG 392
Oldefeld Site D-KBS 032-EWG PRRS Unverdächtigkeitszertifikat Station Oldefeld
Herringer Heide Site (PIC)
near to Hamm
D-KBS 078-EWG PRRS Unverdächtigkeitszertifikat Station Herringer Heide

How to reach us

From the A1 highway, take the Ascheberg exit towards Ahlen, after approx. 200 m turn right towards Ascheberg, after entering the town turn left at the roundabout towards Herbern, sign GFS is signposted after approx. 3 km, turn left over the highway.

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Short Facts
  • The Ascheberg site has space for around 510 boars
  • The Herringer Heide (bei Hamm) barn is a PIC-exclusive site
  • Two separate laboratories process the semen from the Oldefeld, Lütkebauer and the Herringer Heide sites
  • Oldefeld and Lütkebauer production days: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday
  • Visit our boar database to see our current boar stocks
  • Herringer Heide production days: Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
  • The semen from the other GFS sites can also be accessed via the daily station exchange with the central warehouse in Ladbergen and the sophisticated GFS logistics network


  • The Ascheberg station is also GFS headquarters with around 150 employees at the Ascheberg site
  • Site for the order centre, the genetics office, seminar rooms, administration and the offices of Top-Animal Service GmbH


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